How INSTAGRAM Could Help You Sell Real Estate

May 16, 2012

Since December 2011 the number of Instagram users has almost doubled.  That’s a lot of new users.  Facebook plans to acquire Instagram as soon as the FCC gives it’s ok.  Why does this matter to real estate agents?  Because Instagram is becoming another big player in the Social Networking field for business.  Many businesses like Starbucks and The Corcoran Group in Manhattan have already jumped on the bandwagon.

How can you use Instagram to sell real estate?  The tool has a unique feature that allows you to “Geotag” your image locations when you shoot them.  You can easily photograph your properties and instantly give them a map location within the Instagram app.

“When you take a photo while connected via Wi-Fi or 3G, your device logs the coordinates where the photo was taken. If you want to share that location information, you can do so in the Instagram application. It’s an easy way to add context to photos, document travels, and see pictures other Instagrammers took nearby.”

This in turn will let other Instagram users know where the property is…think of it like adding your listing photos directly to an Instagram map.  Also, Instgram makes it incredibly easy to SHARE these images AND their locations.

Here are some great tips on how to leverage Instagram for your business.  It’s like the application was MADE for real estate. (Instagram and SEO: Is This Phenomenon Worth It for Your Company? by Amanda DiSilvestro)

Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Leverage Instagram (Read full article)

Any business can utilize Instagram when it comes to adding photos to a blog post, but it will take a bit of work. Instagram is all about people taking pictures on their mobile phones, and sometimes your company simply doesn’t have the time or energy to do take photos. Therefore, Instagram is probably better utilized in one of the following ways:

  1. Contests – This is probably the number one way businesses are utilizing the tool. If your company sells a product, ask customers to take photos of themselves using the product and then upload the photo to win some sort of prize. You can also add an element of interaction by allowing people to vote on their favorite photo.
  2. Event Marketing – Asking people to take photos of an event you’re holding is a great way to leverage the tool. This will get people excited about the event and give people a layer of interaction.
  3. Social Media – Always share photos of your company or your product/service via social media. Instagram allows a company to add a hashtag to the photo which will help you keep tabs on any pictures of your business via Twitter or another social network.
  4. Connection – Your customers are most likely on Instagram, so this is another avenue to form connections. Even if you can’t find value in posting pictures for your particular business, urge your employees to connect with customers via this avenue.
  5. Location – Instagram allows a company to add location to an image. If you can add the location of your small business, you increase the likelihood that someone will see your photos if they are new to the area. This works best for restaurants and entertainment joints.

If you are not yet using Instagram on your smartphone…it’s definitely worth checking out.  It even makes your photos LOOK better!

Here is how the location feature works in Instagram:

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